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Arousing Love, a teen novel  is one of the highest rated teen books on iTunes/ibooks in the USA rated 4½ stars with over 2700 reviews (itunes.apple.com/us/book/id365939802)

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i love this book!! it is the best book i have ever read and i have read over 1000 books!! it was an amazing love story i wish something like that would happen to me!! by far the best!!

I loved this book soooooo much!!!! I couldnt put it down once i started. I finished it in less than twenty four hours because all i did was read it.

This book is a great read. 14 myself and still enjoyed it. perfect for anyone aged 14 to 18. :) I would def recommend this book!

I loved this book!! Its for ages 13+ Because the book contains a lot of "sexy" parts. This book also has lots of religious stuff. But thats what i loved. I learned a lot from this book! I definitelty recommend this book!(:


This is one of the best and cutest books ever!!!!  all the characters come to life and its like a little movie playin in ur head


I loved this book, it was a book that i could not put down at all i had to keep reading it. I thought the book was a fun, summer romance type of book. There were a couple intense moments in the book but it made you want to keep reading. I liked everything about this book. I would recomend this book to teenagers who like to read summer love type novels. 

I still find myself thinking about the story alot, despite the fact that i read it over two months ago, which is an achievment for any book.

I absolutely loved this book. It proved to be very emotional for me as this was a book that I could truly relate to.
Taylor G.

It is a very beautiful book that has quite a lot of talk about Religion which is something I didn't expect but enjoyed nonetheless as i got to think about all that was said. It's amazing this story about love and faith and I hope others will like it as well. 
Beautiful. I found it very deep. It got to me and I had to finish it. I'm not sure others would feel it as I have.

I seriously finished this book in 4 hrs! this is my third time reading it! i love, love, love this book!

I read this book within a few days in between school and other stuff. i found it really hard to put it down. It made me think, being a teen myself, it made me realize so much. I have now read this book a few times, each time I'm basically en-wrapped in it. Is honestly my favorite book I've read, and its something i go back to when I'm looking for something to read.
Steffanie Eagle 

It shows how you can suddenly and unexpectedly fall in love and know it's who your meant to be with and proves that if your prepared to make sacrifices that love can really make a difference to who you will become. 
Arousing Love kept me at my kindle almost constantly, finishing it in less than a day, which for me is unheard of. Would recommend Arousing Love to anyone. Excellent Read

It was a fantastic read. They found true love, they found God and they faced temptation. I think Joanna and Zach were far stronger than some adults and they were only 15 and 18. 
I would highly recommend this book!!!!

I am 14 years old and i loved it. When i finished it i had to read it again so i did 3 more times. It was so good i counld't put it down. 5 stars all the way.

that had to be one of the best books i have read, i loved it

Since this book is meant for teens, it can only be truly judged by a teen, and I really liked it. 

Where do i start? Amazing book. never read a book like that before out of the many books i have read. Inspiring! I never thought of life until i read this book and have been changed by it. one of a kind book!

My mom read this off of her Nook and told me that I absolutely had to read it! So i was like okay...I got into 2 pages and i couldn't put it down! I loved it! Its very inspirational and i soo recommend it. its a great story... there's no dirty sex scenes in it...Its a  funny and cute novel!! its a total love, make your heart melt and make u say awwwww kinda story :) I loved it.

Yes! it's an interesting book! 
I so love it. So happy for it. I couldn't forget just what Zach said to Joanna.
“I painted you the way I see you, and if that’s too perfect, it’s ‘cause that’s what you look like to me.”

I love this book. It was soooooooo rooomantic and i hope there are more like this. It was just perfect ;)
Courtney Hare

I have read the book twice and love the story
Ashlee Walls

THIS IS THE BEST BOOK EVER!!!!!!!! I love this book so much! I have read this book over 31 times. I almost have the book memorized. I LOVE AROUSING LOVE!

I fell in love with this book, its truly beautiful! It's a beautiful, sexy, religious novel

Read the whole book within 5 hours I was so captivated by the book. I recommended this book to all my friends, and I'm pretty sure they'll love it as much as I did. The characters were so easy to relate to. I hope there is a part two to this book!!! Lovelovelove it!!!

Arousing Love is really a spectacular and passionate book to read. As I read the book I found myself laughing, depressed, and in awe for the couple who are finding any way possible to be with each other through obstacles that stand in their way. Although what really caught me was the way Zach and Joanna felt for each other. The love between them was so intense, you could feel the vibe that hungered the reader to read on. It got me thinking deeply. I now see things in a different point of view as I read the book. 

My favorate book in the world... Very easy to read, so irresistible, increadible! I love this book! this book made me laugh, cry, and smile :) great beggining, great ending :) MAKE MORE BOOKS LIKE THIS :D
Gabriella Daniels

I read it all last night. It was such a fun, realistic story. I love that it was just about life and normal problems associated with a teens instead of other books in this similar genre that have to have someone die or there has to be some major event. I love that this is just like most teen's lifes actually are, its why I thought the story was so relatable and I kept reading.

This book really opened up doors for me symbollically. I finished it in three days. That is an amazing record for me considering I hate reading books. This book is very inspirationl and even gave me chills at some points. I'm so glad Joanna and Zach ended up together, and the last line of the book brought tears to my eyes. I've also learned that the name "Joanna", along with my own name, "Gianna", means "God's gracious gift".

great book! (:
this book was amazing! i loved it. it was a great love story that had a religious twist to it. i was starting to think ehhh when the religious stuff came up but it acually makes the story about a thousand times more meaningful and awesome!

This romance is amazing. The sex scenes weren't over the top too descriptive so it was a bit more appropriate. Great plot

LOVED IT!! You must read this!!
This book has great messages in it! And it is a great romance. I was hooked from page one to the end and I read it in one sitting! It talks about God and love. I absolutely loved this book and I think everyone should read it!

I am 17 and i loved it, i honestly do not understand why people say its bad the earlyer you know what sex stands for the more you respect it in a Godly view! 

This had to be the best book i have ever read!!!! i couldn't put it down. great read!!! ♥
Kaitlyn Heinrich

Oh MY GOD!!! highly recommend it
Such a romantic book. i wish i could give it more stars(:

I believe this was the first romance book that i really enjoyed. it made you cry, it made you laugh, and some parts keep you guessing. i would recommend this book to any girl, older or younger, this books will touch your heart in so many way you never thought posssible.

Loved it!!
I loved it. It changed my perspective on love, faith, and God. I could not put this down and was sad when I was finished I want there to be a sequel!!! 

I think that has been by far one of the best books I have read . It had so much of very different ideas set out in the world of today that i was shocked. I loved the story it showed me how there is so many ways to love, how when theres love anything is possible. It also shows a diferent side of teenagers compared to what there is out there these day. I so recommend people to get this book.

Would defiantly recommend Arousing Love By: M.H. Strom. I cried and laughed at times that's how you know a book is great! Has all sorts of great wisdom, Very emotional. It's amazing how love finds a way! Read this book, it will only take you one day :) 

It was an interesting book made you think about sex, religion, and love in a whole new way than I previously thought. Shows how important it is to give such a thing away. It shows what love truly is. This book is an inspiration to me. I will always remembered what I learned through "Arousing Love".

Definitely one of my most favourite books I've ever read!!!!! :) it makes me wish that I had a wonderful happy life like Joanna and Zach! ♥
Shakira Jobson

I loved this book it was amazing n a beautiful story about 2ppl that love each other with the help of god :) ♥
Deysi Marquez

Read it all in one day. ♥
Jen Toby

This is the best book ever
Kourtney Brooké Mills

Great book, definitely spritual
This was not at all what I thought it would be. But it was SO much better! I found the writing style enjoyable and the content even more so. I usually hate overly religious books because I feel like they're shoving it down your throat. I loved this one though because it felt more spiritual than religious and made me think instead of just preaching at me. Just enough sexual teasing to keep me interested...not enough to make me gag. Wonderful book!

eye opening!!
I am a teenager and i just read this book and thought it was great! it helped me realize why it is so important to wait. this has become one of my favorite books and i would recommend this to any teen.

This was a really good book. i would for sure recommend it!

This is one of my favorite books. it's well written and very realistic. I could really connect to this book. 

LOVED IT !!! COULDNT PUT IT DOWN !! This was a very good book which I enjoyed very much as it shows two people very much in love. I am 14 and found this book in the childrean and young adult section and I would recomend it to anyone 14 or over but if younger you may find it a little strong with the sexual refrences. But an amazing book well worth reading.
K. L. Langley

Beautiful story
I enjoyed this book a lot. The love between Zach and Joanna was so strong, at times it seemed unrealistic, but not from truth. This was also a good story about faith. Very enjoyable to read, I couldn't put this down.

This was the best book i ever read. I read it in a few hours. My step sister hates reading and I thought she would like this book. She said fine but I'll only read a little. Next thing I know shes almost done reading. Its a great book that made an unreadder excited to read.
A Customer

Best Book Ever!
This book was so sweet and it keeps your attention! Totally worth it! : )

I read Arousing Love and was totally moved and captivated by it. It genuinely gave me a new perspective, a new outlook on religion as a whole. And the love was just downright sweet.
Asher Knight

best book, a deff page turner. loved it

i'm only eleven and this book is brilliant, i was plunged into a girl and boys struggle for love. unsure.hope.deep love this book was told from the heart 

I truly couldn't put it down. I would stay up late just to keep reading the book. l loved every page of it!

I loved this book it was amazing it was religious though but i loved the end soo much such a good love story :)

MUST READ! ♥♥♥♥♥♥♥♥

An amazing book
I highly recommend it for any teen

Hotter than hot
if u love first love this is the book to read

love it
I absolutely love this book it is one of the best books i have read in a long time

The best romance book
This book is the best romance book for teens. I loved this book so much me and my friend read it in two hours. This book was very rich with description.
A Customer

Great read
this book is a great book. i couldnt put the book down until i finished it and when it ended i wanted more to read! this book i would definitely recommend!

I highly recommend this book to EVERY hopeless romantic girl out there. It will make u wish u were living the story. Has some sexual stuff but overall isn't too much detail with it. Lots of twists and turns which will keep u on the edge of ur seat

"fantastical" romance novel
i absolutely love this book! the passion that the author puts into this story is amazing. i would recommend this book to any teen.... its just a fantastic novel
A Customer

Not What I expected
I was immediately captivated. This is geared for younger readers but I am 27 and it took me back to my early teenage years when everything was still so new and innocent. I thought this was a great read even though the final turn of events is a bit unbelievable for todays times, but it is how every 15 year old girl in love would like for it to. I thought this book was refreshing and a great read and I would recommend it to anyone.

Muy bien!
Myself being a 15-year-old teenage girl, I was intrigued when I saw this book, so I downloaded it and read it right away. It was a wonderful book for teens and I've recommended it for all my friends,and I even did my book report on it for English

loved it!
this book i absolutely loved. its a perfect teenage love story. it actually reminds me of a couple i know. i think its one of the best teenage love stories i have ever read!
A Customer

Good book
I really enjoyed this book. Even though it went into religion a bit, it was great how they mixed it without losing the reader. A great story that I wished I had read when I was younger because it makes you think about your first love.

Wonderful book!! 
This was great! I loved this and read it quick. Very well written, great plot, and great message for teens. Wonderful, wonderful, WONDERFUL!! Recommendation- 100%! 

Ohmygosh. Arousing Love is my new favorite book. It's the perfect teenage romance and interesting from a guys point of view.

The Right Time
A spritual story about young love. I really enjoyed the story of Zach and Joanna, I was taken in by their love for each other and the spirtual journey they rode together.
Candy L Flake

I just finished the most amazing book in the world and its called arousing love! i thought it was gonna be really stupid but it was AMAZING! u have to read the book your self in order to feel how i feel about this book! i totally recommend it! :D
Desiree Cox

**Worth the reading**
I was unsure about this book but I must say this is great book. I can only speak for myself but when I finished this book I am still thinking about it. The author painted the story so clear and vivid. It seemed so real and definitely we can relate as we think back to that time in our lives. It left a good impact on me. I want to read more books like this. Trulyyyyyy a must read

Not what I expected but I couldn't stop reading.
When I started the story I found myself unable to put it down. It was such a lovely story capturing the mood of two teens finding love at such an early age. Give the story a chance and let M.H Strom's word capture your imagination of what it is like to find your one true love at such an early stage of your life.
John Ferguson 

Brilliant read.
This is a brilliant story about how age difference doesnt matter. Its a brilliant end to the book.
A Customer

Really Good!! 
This is a great book. im not a religious person but i REALLY enjoyed this book.

I am hooked on the book. I think a lot of teens would like this book.
A Customer

It's something outside of the traditional box. It is about teenagers, but yet there's a deeper message too: hold out for love, don't settle for lust. It was refreshing to read something that was different and had an underlying message rather than the obvious typically plotted romance novel. 
Katie S.

<3 Loved it:) It was exactly what teenage love feels like and what a lot of teenagers go through... It talked about faith and steamy love all at the same time! It was a great mix and written very well... I would recommend this book and maybe even read it a second time It was an amazing book!!

BEST love story i evr read!!!
u should denfintely get this book its every girls dream to find love on the beach. if u dont get this book u will regret it

Great love story
This was so good. 

a MUST read
I was shocked by how fast I was hooked. I could not put this down until I found out how it ended. I love this because it is about faith, love, and family. It has parts that makes me smile, parts that make me sad for the characters, and it makes me anxious as to what is going to happen next. It is a very cute love story. I have already recommended this book to my friends and they loved it as well. There are parts that are a little mature, so this is definitely for older teens. READ IT! :)

i love this book it is worth reading by far it shows u a great lesson...true love never dies

An intense love story
A wonderful story of young love and how it brought two teens together physically and emotionally

Great love story
This story sucked me in and made me feel as if i was in the story. I loved the ending, it brought tears to my eyes. Great book for teenagers.

A book that has so much depth. Truly amazing and inspirational. 

Loved it! 
I loved this book I read it within a few hours it made time fly by! I loved how it talked deeply about love, romance and faith unlike most books nowadays 
Megan Anderson

An absolute must read!!! 
Hugo Smith

This was the most romantic story. ever.
Courtney Johns

A great story line unlike any thing I have read with this type of plot a great ending to an amazing book

Oh my gosh! This was the most beautiful book i have ever read, it even made me cry more than once. This is a great book for all of those teens out there who are looking for love. Once you buy this book you are sure to love every minute reading it. this is now my favorite book ever!
A. Customer

I really enjoyed this book, was not what I thought it would be, and I'm so pleased to have read it. Loved it
The book really makes you think and you cannot just read it one time. You wonder if this book would make a good movie.
Ron Matuszak

A GREAT read! I couldn't put it down!
Melissa Ann McNeil

It's directed at YA, but a mature YA. I'm 15 and I really liked it. 

AMAZING. I honesly LOVED this book. Probably the best ive read so far. I didnt want it to end. I would definately recommend! <3

Wow this was a total great book. Very well thought through. I like the way they add faith in with what they are going through. I felt sad when she had to go home and my heart melted. Then when she got a surprise of her life at her 16 birthday party. They both went through a lot of ups and downs. It was such almost real. Man was I touched by this book. I could not put it down. 
Robert A. Metzger

Wonderful inspirational read...not what I expected but definitely in a good way! A journey of two people and how god brings them together.

This book was absolutely amazing!!! I loved it! <333

I have just finished reading the book, it is outstanding and inspiring. 

I think this book is for ALL ages. It expresses the beauty of two becoming one and the way God intended sex to be. It opened my eyes to a lot. it’s SOooo important for today’s young men and women to truly understand the magnitude of what it means to give one’s self to another. 

Very well written & very touching and romantic. 
This is a fanatastic romance novel! it is religous though, but still very good! Im only turning 13 but this book still appealed to me. i read it in a day & it was a real page turner 

I really liked the story, the plot line was good, and the characters excellently written.  M. H. Strom does a nice job with the whole book.  Zach is a nice guy, he's kinda a little soulful on the inside and really in the end see's the light of day. I liked his character from the start, and I don't think the guy on the cover does the character justice (especially the hair). Zach falls for Joanna right away, and you can say it's love at first sight for them. But the problem is their age difference, Joanna's in high school while Zach just graduated. Joanna is what I would classify as a girl that follows the rules, she doesn't break them. And in the end learns to live a bit because of Zach. The story line included things that happen to teenagers today, and I could relate to the story. As stated before this book really isn't for anyone that isn't an older teenager, it has serious subjects in it, and a highly religious tone. But in the end the story is good, and I learned a thing or too about some things. 
Loud Words & Sounds 

The story starts off of a typical teenage summer love, but reading every page it becomes more and more unique. I felt it had great point of views and I feel more teen girls (and boys) should be reading books like these. I could not put the book down as I finished it within 24hours; literally. This is a must read I learned a lot and will be recommending it to as many as possible.

I thought this was a great book. As I read each chapter I got sucked into the story more and more always wondering what would happen next. I hope you enjoy this book as much as I have.

That was a very great story. im not really into the whole religious aspects but i enjoyed this story. everything made sense and it was well written. one of the best storys I've read. 

I laughed a couple of times ... i really enjoyed reading it. it was a really good book

Romantic so romantic

that was so good! 

Love It  
I absolutely loved this book. It's thrilling, romantic, and edgy. 

so amazing! 
I know this is a good book!!!! I have never read a book so fast! i mean this book was so romantic and took my thinking and emotions to a whole new level. This book made me happy, it made me cry and tear, and it made me laugh! I love this love story because it was sweet and so powerful! any one who is a romantic like me should read this i garantee that you will fall in love with this book. 

I finished the book in one day !! it was very cute and adorable. i love the cover picture !! loved the characters. Definitely one the best books i have ever read !

to be honest when i started reding this book i thought the characters were a little immature especially the 18 yr old boy and soon to be sixteen year old girl, yes that's rite the girl is too young for him, but i guess when love happens there's no going back. the book is very powerful. i totally recommend this book to anyone who wants to read a good love story. 

beautiful book its soooooooooo sweet

wow manifique
Abhi R 

That was completely awesome!!! I really got into it and the characters were so honest and refreshing. It was very inspirational and I think this is a great writer to be able to portray their emotions so well. 
Desiree R. 

The best fiction book I've ever read. 

It made me think about what I would want to do, and I know before ever going too far with a guy I will think of this. It's really deep in the sense of heart and mind. It's so romantic it makes me want to cry. I'm so glad that they're finally together without having to be ashamed. I loved it.

such a wonderful story. true love sometimes does exist
grace 4 ever 


Sweet sweet summer love  
A cute love story. I would recommend this to teenage girls. I really enjoyed the spiritual references. 

Wow this is sooooooooo amazing I absolutly love it!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
OMG!! really good! i don't like the part where Zach has his 'vision' though. but after that when joanna's dad talks to him its like whoa! i get it now! it's just amazing! 
Hillary C.

I just read all of it and i cried when Zach got the first rejection letter, then when he got rejected to all of the colleges i cried but i kept reading on and I loved it, this author is very talented!! This was my most favorite story to read!!
Faith B. 

aww just finished n i have to say i've never really believed in god but this story was so sweet. just amazing!! it blew my mind! XD loved it!!!

This is so awesome.. i'm s0 elated i got to read something this great =)

Really really liked it =D it was such a cute book!!

Omg ! I loved it so much, I'm so glad I got to read it. 

This story is amazing!!

This is a real story, this is a beautiful story, and the general belief that teens are all alike, that they don't feel responsible for the people they care for, or that they aren't really conscious of the facts of life and of certain responsibilities, that they only respond to their hormones, is something mostly used to sell dirt. That's only a part of this world, the rest is not like that. I loved it, it made me cry. I love the way it describes the feeling of a boy for a girl's body and all the magic she works in him. I find this story absolutely necessary to this world. I was driven, totally driven by the way this author has with words. 
Daniela O. 

It's always wonderful to be drawn into a story, but it's only when you're on the edge of your seat clinging to hope that you survive the emotional tidal waves that you know you've found something. And that something is a fabulous author. A great author ignites all of your senses leaving you wanting more but still feeling satisfied and inspired by what you received with their work. It's rare to find such talent... I felt all of the above about Arousing Love. The characters were believable, engaging and motivational. I finished this book very quickly; it's a page turner that does more than entertain you. 
Christin Lovell

This is exactly the kind of book I was looking for! it has everything in this book, passion, God, love, tender moments, sadness, happiness, and people who love each other. this book made me laugh, cry, smile, and tear. I think that people who are into romance should read this book, it's the best i have read. I dont read much but i love when there is a really amazing love story. read this book i am telling you that it is truly amazing!!!!
Sarah Jane Smith



this book truly blew me away, i was getting so emotional after reading it, it felt wonderful to see two young people fall in love and promised to be together forever. I was virtually crying after they got married. I have never read anything quite like this. The expressions and thoughts really touched me deeply!!
Wow, congratulations on all the wonderful review. You should be proud of yourself for doing so well independently. I picked up the book on kindle the other night and I can't wait to sit down to read it. Eugene's personal review of the book has me quite excited!
this book makes my heart melt!!


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