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A fansite for the popular teen novel by M. H. Strom - one of the highest rated teen books on iTunes and the US iBookstore rated 4½ stars with over 2,800 reviews. Available in ebook, paperback and audiobook at most online retailers. This is a place to discuss and share your thoughts about the novel and connect with other fans of the book. Feel free to post or join a discussion below.
Bonus Chapter of Arousing Love, a teen novel

An extra chapter of  Arousing Love, a teen novel  is now available to anyone who writes a review for the book at the retail site where you bought it.To receive the bonus chapter send an email to marstropress@gmail.com telling us where your review is [...]

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Where to buy Arousing Love

Arousing Love, a teen novel  is available in ebook, paperback and audiobook at these retailers: Amazon (ebook, audiobook and paperback) :Amazon.com (worldwide): www.amazon.com/dp/B005WJII26 

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Audiobook released today

A new audiobook edition of Arousing Love, a teen novel came out today (3/6/13) and is now available to purchase on Audible and Amazon. It should also become available on iTunes, Barnes & Noble and many other audiobook retailers over the next few days. [...]

Posted by Marstro • 17 months ago • 1 Comment(s)

The facebook page now has over 1000 fans

The book's facebook page now has over 1000 fans. Please like the page if you haven't already. http://www.facebook.com/arousinglove 

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True Love

i loved this book made me think about how love can really be at first sight !!!!!!!!!!!!!!

Posted by yajaira.marquez97 • 24 months ago • View comments

Book Review!

I loved this book! It was a book full of romance and love and I couldn't put this great book down!

Posted by WIsher221 • 25 months ago • View comments

SOOO good :)

i feel in love with this book!!!! I was hooked to this book. I want them to make a second book SOOOOOOOOO BAD!!!

Posted by k8i12lolidk • 27 months ago • View comments

first chapter of Arousing Love, a teen novel

Copyright © 2011, M. H. Strom All rights reserved     This is the first chapt...... [ Read the rest of this story ]

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good book for young readers

This is a very good book for young readers, I am an adult and I enjoyed reading it. Can't wait to read the bonus chapter.

Posted by bandyboo0727cg • 32 months ago • View comments


THIS IS THE BEST BOOK EVER!!!!!!!! I love this book so much! I love love stories, but I also love Christian books. I go to a christian school and I think that it is hard to find books that have both romance with a christian aspect in them. I have read thi [...]

Posted by Toni • 35 months ago • View comments

Arousing Love..

I fellin love with this book, its truly beautiful! the author really captured what its like to be in a loving, religious relationship! i love the way the author implies sexual themes throughout but the only time anything happens is towards the end! this b [...]

Posted by Jade • 3 years ago • View comments

Amazing Book!!!!!!! <3

So I downloaded this book yesterday and read through the whole book within 5 hours...I was so captivated by the book. I recommended this book to all my friends, and I'm pretty sure they'll love it as much as I did. The characters were so easy to relate to [...]

Posted by Mony • 3 years ago • View comments


Arousing Love is really a spectacular, and passionate book to read .(: As I read throughtout the book I found myself laughing,depressed, and in awe for the two happy couple who are finding any way possible to be with each other through obstacles that [...]

Posted by Shandel • 3 years ago • View comments

I loved this book!

I downloaded it for free on my iPhone and read it all last night. It was such a fun, realistic story - atleast, I thought so. I love that it was just about life and normal problems associated with a teens life instead of other books in this similar genre [...]

Posted by Zach • 3 years ago • View comments

New Cover

What do you think of the new cover?

Posted by Marstro • 3 years ago • View comments

Love it!

I love this book. I have told everyone about this book. Is there another book coming out?

Posted by christina • 3 years ago • View comments


i loved the book it was the best book i ever read it had so much emotion and love but didn't like the part that where it was all religous but other than that it so much love and detaile.i wish it was longer or had a second book that told about there life [...]

Posted by Madi • 3 years ago • View comments

Arousing Love

I thought it was a GOOD book, easy reading. I would have classified it a GREAT book had there been some details added into it about the year in between Zack's and Johanna's wait. It seemed, to me, to end on a flat note, a let down. I think it would h [...]

Posted by Katz • 3 years ago • View comments

Reviews for Arousing Love, a teen novel

Arousing Love, a teen novel  is one of the highest rated teen books on iTunes/ibooks in the USA rated 4½ stars with over 2700 reviews (itunes.apple.com/us/book/id365939802)Some reviews from around the web

Posted by Marstro • 3 years ago • View comments


this is exactly the kind of book I was looking for! it has everything in this book, passion, God, love, tender moments, sadness, happiness, and people who love each other. this book made me laugh, cry, smile, and tear. I think that people who are into rom [...]

Posted by sarah jane smith • 4 years ago • View comments


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jules.horton Thought provoking and endearing
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ghiselle_luv01 Loved it! Totally can relate to it and it would be great if it was made into a movie or had a second book to it! Great M. H. Strom!
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Leah664 I loved the book! With all of the detail I could easily imagine! Is there going to be a other book or a story about what happened after the betrothal?
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redrose261094 Loved the book so sweet think they should bring a follow on book out <3
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